Dinnerly Vs Hello Fresh - The Ultimate Food Battle

Dinnerly Vs Hello Fresh: The Ultimate Food Battle

Dinnerly Vs Hello Fresh

It’s 2010 and you have come back home after a tiresome day and there is nothing cooked at home. Now you have to go through the process of what to cook, which ingredients to use, whether to order outside which might cost you a lot. What dire times they were. But it’s about 2021 now and things have changed. The foodservice market has bloomed to new heights and now getting cheap meal kits is just a touch away. This market is being spearheaded by two food service companies, the US-based Dinnerly and the German Hello fresh. Both are providing the best food services across the regions they are operating in and truly have become the juggernauts of the market. But the question that always comes up in people’s minds is, which one is better?…. Well, today I am here to help you through this dilemma by giving you all my opinion on this hot debate. After extensive research and testing both services I have come up with my review, so without any further delay let’s get started on our take on the Dinnerly vs Hello Fresh food battle.

Meal Plans: 


The first thing that a customer would look for when deciding the food service they want to order from would be the meal plans that they are providing. 


If we talk about Dinnerly, they have kept their meal plans quite simple. They are providing their customers with two meal plans, one is a Two-Person meal box having two portions per recipe option and the other is the Family Meal box which is a meal kit for four persons with four portions per recipe.Both plans provide 3 to 5 per week. They have also tried to make their customization option simple which can be easy for the customers to understand. As they have kept their meal plan system simple, the variety is not huge but that does not make it boring or too simple. For households which like simple and easy to understand recipes, dinnerly is a great option 

Hello Fresh: 

When it comes to Hellofresh, they value variety and an extensive meal plan system to choose from. They have 6 different meal plans to choose from which includes Meat and Veggie, Veggie, Family friendly, Calorie smart, Quick and Easy, and the Pescatarian. Each plan provides 3-5 meals per week for 2-4 people households. Each has 2-4 portions per week providing their customers with a substantial and good customization service. A big plus that the hello fresh service is providing you is the Wine club. Subscribing to their wine club results in shipment of 6 bottles per week. Not only this, but they also have a Grilling box which has two varieties; the chef choice box and the surf and turf box. So if you are looking for some fancy meal kits and a service which provides you with a large-scale variety and customization, then hello fresh is your go to service. 

Winner: Hello fresh. 

Even though dinnerly is provided with a simple yet effective meal plan system, the variety and customization option that hello fresh provides their customer gives them the edge. Add to that the Wine club and the grill box Hello fresh are providing gives them the nod ahead of dinnerly in my opinion. 

Dinnerly vs Hello Fresh

Subscription And Account Setting: 

Dinnerly VS Hello Fresh 

Both Dinnerly and Hello fresh have online apps where you can set up your account. They both have a subscription only system with no one time payment option. However, both provide their customers flexibility when it comes skipping weekly meals. I setted up accounts on both the services which are simple on both the sites.  

Hello Fresh Login: 

When subscribing to Hello Fresh, you first have to choose a plan, then the number of people you are going to be cooking for and the number of recipes you would like to receive per week. The cancelling the process can be a little frustrating though as you have to go through a survey first and then an email confirmation. Subscription link is provided below: 


Dinnerly Login: 

The first they ask you when subscribing to dinnerly is the amount of people the meal kit is for, then your location details, and your plan. The cancellation process is rather simple, you go to your settings and cancel the subscription by clicking on the “stop subscription” option. Subscription link is provided below: 


Winner: Dinnerly. Simple signing up and subscription process and the cancelling your subscription is just a click away. 


Dinnerly VS Hello Fresh: 

Menu plays a huge role when choosing the food service you would be subscripting to. The variety of food, the recipes, the ingredients, their quality, everything matters when it comes to the food. Both the services provide fresh and quality ingredients including fresh vegetables, seafood, meat and beef which are part of their menu. 

Dinnerly Menu: 

Even though the meal plans of dinnerly are simple, there is no shortage of meal choices when it comes to their menu. At the moment, their menu comprises a total of 21 different recipes each having a different outlook. The recipes are simple and most of them take not more than 30 minutes to be prepared. For households which are looking to cook simple and light foods, Dinnerly is providing a near perfect menu for them. Recipes for all kinds of food are available, whether it be seafood, meat related or something with veggies in them. After trying all of their recipes, i would recommend the following; 

1. Lemony Chicken And Broccoli With Roasted Potatoes. 

2. BBQ Spiced Steak & Mashed Sweet Potatoes. 

3. Smoky Chicken Tacos. 

4. Chicken Shawarma  

5. Shrimp And Chicken Breast 

Hello Fresh Menu: 

When it comes to providing exotic recipes, you will rarely get a better food service than Hello fresh. A menu consisting of a total of 21 dishes, every dish has its own exotic vibe. Divided among a total of 6 meal plans, the menu consists of food of all kinds, whether its a light but tasty veggie dish, or the protein filled meat recipes, it’s a never ending ride of exuberant foods. None of the recipes takes more than 40-45 minutes and provides a wide range of tastes. After tasting the foods from hello fresh, it dawned upon me how easy it is to make such exotic food sif just have the right directions. Out of the recipes that i tried, i would recommend the following: 

1. Japanese Beef Rice Bowl 

2. Turkish Spiced Beef Tacos 

3. Almond And Garlic Crusted Chicken  

4. Pesto Roasted Vegetable Fusilli 

5. Middle Eastern Dukkah Beef 

Winner: Hello Fresh. Well in my opinion, it’s all about your taste. I like fancy dishes and when you are provided with such a variety of fancy dishes that are so easy to cook, you have to go for what HelloFresh is providing. But this doesn’t take anything away from Dinnerly, who perhaps provides the best light and simple to make foods with great taste. 


Dinnerly Vs Hello Fresh: 

Now we enter perhaps the most important aspect of this discussion, at least for me because money takes the top priority for someone like me who doesn’t earn the most handsome of money.  Both the companies provide budget friendly services which is a big reason for their widespread success. 

Hello Fresh Price: 

The starting price for Hello Fresh meals is $7.49 plus $8.99 shipping price which is reasonable considering the quality and variety of food they provide. The price for a Four people meal plan ranges from $16.48 to $17.98 per meal including shipping depending on the number of meals per week. On the other hand the 2 person meal plan cost you $17.98 per meal including shipping.  

Dinnerly Price: 

Even though Hello fresh is not the most expensive, when compared to Dinnerly, it surely looks a bit expensive. All Dinnerly meals are priced at $4.99 per portion. The 2 person meal box can range from $38.93 to $64.07 depending on the number of meals per week. The 4 people meal box ranges from $68.87 to $111..95 depending on the number of meals per week. The shipping price is set to $8.99. 

If you are looking to save some extra money on your Dinnerly purchase, we would suggest you try our coupons.

Winner: Dinnerly. 
I think the winner is clear here. Dinnerly is providing an almost same quality food service at a considerably low price than Hello Fresh and for people who are looking for a budget friendly option, there won’t be trouble deciding which one to choose. However, if you can afford Hello Fresh, then it is perhaps the better option considering the variety and the fanciness of the recipes. 

Delivery Services: 

Dinnerly vs Hello Fresh: 

Now that we have talked about the food, let’s discuss the next important thing; the delivery service. Both the companies deliver the meal kits in labelled boxes. The size of the box is adjusted according to the meal plan, whether it’s a two person meal box or a four person meal box. Both the services don’t require your signature so you don’t need to be home for it to be delivered. 

Hello Fresh Delivery: 

Founded in Germany in 2011, Hello Fresh has extended its delivery services across the globe, currently providing their services to a total of 14 countries including the US. The whole continental US is covered by the company except Alaska and Hawaii. The packing and the delivery box is of the best quality. The stuff is completely organised and sorted out so you don’t need to sort the things out. Every kit is kept separately in a paper bag so that it can be sorted out easily.  

Dinnerly Delivery: 

Similar to Hello Fresh, Dinnelry also delivers to almost all of the continental US. However the main difference between Dinnerly and Hello fresh is that unlike hello fresh, things are not sorted out in the delivery boxes provided by dinnerly which is not surprising considering that they are a cost-effective company. The box is smaller and everything is labelled so you have to sort the things out yourself 

Winner: Hello Fresh. I personally prefer the delivery services that hello fresh provides. Not only are they more global and widespread but their delivery boxes and packaging is better. The already sorted and organised ingredients and proper labelling, saves a lot of time and trouble.  


Healthy Salad that dont sucks

Dinnerly vs Hello Fresh: 

Who doesn’t like a good deal. Everyone is looking to save money in some way or another while ordering such meal kits, especially someone like me. Well luckily for us, a lot of deals and promo codes are available for us to avail on meal kits from both the companies.  

Hello Fresh Deals: 

Multiple sites are providing verified Hello fresh Coupons, Hello Fresh vouchers, and Hello Fresh promo codes. I even used a few and saved a few bucks on my meal kits especially on the Hello Fresh black friday sale. Moreover, Hello fresh also gives a free gift service which can be redeemed whenever you feel like redeeming it. 

Dinnerly Deals:

Similar to counterpart Hello Fresh, Dinnerly also put up a great Dinnerly black Friday sale which provided their customers with great Dinnerly promo codes, Dinnerly vouchers, and Dinnerly coupons. 


Hello Fresh 

  • Better variety with more extravagant food
  • A more global and better delivery service
  • A more global and better delivery service
  • Absolute quality of ingredients.
  • Wine Club
  • More extensive meals plans
  • More customizable
  • Not the most cost friendly
  • Not the most cost friendly


  • More budget friendly kits.
  • More easy to understand and simpler recipes
  • Easy to understand meal plans
  • 16 different healthy and kid friendly meals
  • Easier subscription and cancellation process
  • Not the best delivery packaging.
  • Not much variety and customizable options

Customer Support & Service: 

Dinnerly vs Hello Fresh: 

Both the companies understand customer value and alway try to give their utmost importance to the satisfaction of their customers, whether it be the privacy policies, delivery methods, payment problems, or any kind of complaint regarding any food issue. The important aspects of customer service policies of both the companies have been discussed below:  


  1. They provide you with an easy plan switching option whenever you feel like updating your meal plan 
  1. They have a free of charge cancellation process 
  1. The company also provides gift vouchers, promo codes, and other discounts occasionally 
  1. Not the most extensive customizations are allowed 
  1. They don’t provide a free trial option  
  1. Refund process requires a few pictures of the product you are looking to return with partial or full refund accordingly.  

Hello Fresh: 

  1. They also provide a good plan switching option. You have to inform them about the change by 12 pm EST nine days before your next delivery. 
  1. Similar to Dinnerly, they have a free of cost cancellation process. 
  1. You can give a Wine box or Meal boxes to your close ones. 
  1. Almost all forms of customizable options are available  
  1. No free trial option available except discounts and promo codes 
  1. After registering your complaint regarding your order, the company takes around 3-5 business days to provide you with a full refund.           

Editors Verdict: 

For me, the deciding factor was the cost of the meal kits and thus Dinnerly was the narrow winner for me, if money isn’t the problem for you and you are an adventurous person who loves tasting different food, Hello Fresh is your go to service which is providing a much wider range of recipes. In the end, it’s a decision between Affordable vs Extravagant.    

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